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My name is Adam DeVries and I am a freshman. I'm going to major in mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering interests me because it's about solving problems by creating tangible solutions. I feel like it is one of the broadest fields of engineering so I'll have the opportunity of getting into various careers. One career I'd enjoy is working for an automotive company.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball. It's fun to play pickup games with friends and people I don't know. I'm tall so that's probably the reason I why I played in highschool. Now that I'm in state though, going to the courts to play pickup is fun to do in my spare time. Although 3's aren't my strong suit, I have some game when it comes to my mid-range and driving abilities.

Double Cheeseburger with Bacon LINK TO RESUME
  1. Hit up Papa Johns on the phone
  2. Request an XL pizza with cheese stuffed crust
  3. Tell them to put every meat they got on it
  4. Wait until my single-serve pizza arrives

Name of course: Expected grade:
E 115 S
GC 120 A
MA 141 A
Nike Basketball