Hey there!

Hi, I'm Allison Dubrouillet (unity ID: ardubrou). I am a freshman here at NCSU. My current major is Biomedical Engineering. I am taking E115 this semester and we are learning about html. This webpage is a homework assignment.

My favorite break from school is going to be Winter Break. I'm so excited! I get to spend time with my family and work for a little bit. The day after Christmas, my family and I are going to New York state to see my relatives. Then during the first week of January, I am going on a ski trip as a PE requirement for a class at NCSU. It should be really fun.

My favorite website: My favorite website.
My second favorite website.
How to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Take 2 slices of wheat bread.
  2. Add turkey and provolone.
  3. Add bacon (the best food ever).
  4. Add lettuce and mayonaise.
  5. Toast creation.
  6. Cut in half and serve.
  7. Class Day(s)/Time Expected Grade
    E115 T 4:35-6:30 S
    EC205 MW 11:20-12:15 A
    E101 R 2:35-4:15 A
    ENG101 MTRF 10:15-11:05 A
    MA241 MTWRF 1:30-2:25 A