Welcome To my website

Hello, my name is Alexander Eason. Currently, I am a freshman at NC State. I am in the First Year College but I am trying to CODA into Chemical Engineering. I Chose this major because I have always wanted to be an engineeras a kid. I also enjoy Chemistry. These factors made me want to become an engineer.

My favorite hobby is fishing. Personally, there is nothing more relaxing than spending a day with a line in the water. I also enjoy the thrill of feeling a bite on the end of my line. My favorite fishing trip was when me and my dad went to Florida and chartered a boat. We caught exotic fish which made the trip very enjoyable.

espn BOOM
  1. buy bread
  2. buy roast beef
  3. take out two slices of bread
  4. put meat in between bread

Class Grade
E115 s
MA 241 A-
Ch 201 A