Andrew Gannon

Alumni | N.C. State University

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About me


Welcome! I am an alumni of North Carolina State University. I received a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in May 2016.

My focus currently is on data analysis and analytics. I enjoy crunching numbers from large data sets in variety of ways using R software, Excel/VBA, SAP, SAS, to name a few. Creating tables, graphs, and visual representations to best understand what is happening and interpret it.

I began my journey into analytics with an internship during my senior year in the eCommerce field at Virtual Exchanges Inc. in a data analyst role. I started my work there during the fall semester of my senior year as an internship and continued on as a part-time employee in the same role. I worked specifically with data managment in the product pricing sector, modifying prices to best fit current rates and optimized sales. I work with several interfaces including ChannelAdvisor, Deposco, and Teikemetrics.

My hobbies include NC State's annual Shack-A-Thon, involvement in the NC State Foresty Club, and woodworking.
However, my main hobby is my involvement with the Boy Scouts of America, specifically the Order of the Arrow in my home council, Tsoiotsi Tsogalii, Lodge 70.

I have also spent more than five summers at Cherokee Scout Reservation as a summer camp instructor and in my final year as the program director. I attribute many of my leadership and life skills to the summers that I spent there.

Please see below for more information about some of the exciting things I am involved in!


Below are some of the classes that I have competed during my time at N.C. State.

    MA 405 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
    MA 407 - Introduction to Modern Algebra
    MA 408 - Foundations of Euclidean Geometry
    MA 421 - Introduction to Probability
    MA 425 - Mathematical Analysis
    MA 440 - Game Theory
    MA 523 - Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory
    MA 537 - Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
    MA 591 - Special Topics -- Cryptography
    OR 501 - Operations Research
    CSC 111 - Python
    ST 495 - Special Topics -- R Software
    EMS 204 - Introduction to Mathematics Education

Other Skills and Trainings

Below are some skills and trainings I received outside of N.C. State.

    MIS Reports and IMB Cognos Reports
    Program and Administrative Managment Training (National Camping School)

Order of the Arrow -- Boy Scouts of America

"The Order of the Arrow (OA) has recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowmen are known for maintaining camping traditions and spirit, promoting year-round and long term resident camping, and providing cheerful service to others. OA service, activities, adventures, and training for youth and adults are models of quality leadership development and programming that enrich and help to extend Scouting to America's youth."
-- Taken from Order of the Arrow website.

I have been an active member within the OA for nearly 10 years, working from Ordeal, to Brotherhood, and then Vigil member. I held several youth positions including: Vice Chief of Service, Vice Chief of Programs (two terms), and Interim Lodge Chief. I have worked on the chapter, lodge, and section levels. Nowadays I attend most of the yearly events and help out where needed. I can attribute most of my leadership and service based skills to the OA.

To learn more about the organization, you can click on the following link: Order of the Arrow.

Interesting And Useful Links

-- "Building Blocks for Theoretical Computer Science" - Great text for learning set logic, proof writing, realtions, and functions.
-- Maple Tutorial - Learning Maple? This is a great place to learn basic and advanced Maple commands.
-- NC Environmental Education - This website contains outdoor, enviromental, and nature centered jobs and internships in N.C.
-- National Whitewater Center - Fantastic place to go rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, and much more right here in North Carolina.
-- ShareLATEX - This is a free "easy to use, online collaborative LaTeX editor."