Welcome to my Homework 6 Assignment!

My name is Amanda Gregory. I am a Freshman. My intended major is Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Engineering and possibly a double major in Polymer and Color Chemistry. This is a very recent decision for me, and I may still change my mind but I am fairly set on this major. I chose Textile Engineering because I like the idea of making such an innate part of our lives better for the population and I'd like to double in PCC because I love Chemistry.

My favorite hobby or really the way I spend most of my free time would be music. Here at NC State I am a part of the Marching Band and Pep Band. I have made a lot of friends through it and also have had so much fun. Playing at the games is usually the best part of my week and I love being able to support the school I love so much. I have been in band since 6th grade and have had a love for music which grows everyday.

pizza My Resume
  1. Go to PapaJohns.com.
  2. Pick thin crust.
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Course Name Expected Grade
E101 A
E115 S
MUS131 A+