Welcome to my About Me page!

Hi, my name is Alli Harris and I am a freshman at NC State University. I'm currently in the first-year engineering program but will transition into the Civil Engineering major at the end of the year. I chose Civil Engineering because I love both ends of it: the mechanics and the product. I've always liked math, especially calculus, and I've always liked looking up at bridges and skyscrapers. That's why I've chosen to make those bridges!

Before I came to NC State, I had two jobs. I used to work at a mini-amusement park where I did everything from party hosting, life guarding, and more! My second job was at the infamous Subway as a sandwich artist. I currently do not have a job but hope to find an internship in Civil Engineering soon. After I graduate I would really like to have a job at a private contracting firm.

Photo of Alli

My Favorite Classes:

  1. Calculus II
  2. Chemistry 101
  3. Applied Differential Equations
  4. Physics I

Clubs I'm in at NCSU:

Club Website
Engineers Without Borders Link
University Scholars Program Link