Welcome to my E115 Webpage!

My name is Austin Harran. I am a third-year transfer student here to major in electrical engineering. I transfered into NCSU as an environmental sciences major, but plan on changing my degree to electrical engineering. I have chosen electrical engineering because I have always wanted to be an engineer. I have always been interested in building electronics and learning how they work.

I enjoy building things with Arduino and other microcontrollers. I also enjoy being outside and spending time with my friends. I like travelling and exploring new places, and I often get in my car and drive when I'm bored. Driving and listening to music is one of my favorite things to do, especially when the weather is nice. I also enjoy going to the gym and working out.



  1. Go to Papa John's
  2. Get a large two-topping with triple pepperoni and extra cheese and extra pizza grease
  3. Make sure to get the buttery garlic sauce
  4. Slather a generous serving of mayonnaise on pizza
  5. Eat pizza and drink buttery garlic sauce

Course Name Expected Grade
HI251 A
E115 S
ECE109 B
EC205 A
MA242 B

Arduino Nano