Welcome to my About Me page!

Hello! My name is Austin Hidden and I am majoring in computer science. My mom is a computer tester at IBM and she let me try doing some of her work once. It was mentally exhaausting but a lot of fun and when I took coding classes before I enjoyed it. I want to become a computer scientist because I enjoy coding.

Right now, my job is to be a student at NC State and get good grades in all my courses. In the past, I was a student at high school where my job was also to get grades. In the futre, I will still be a student at NC State trying to get grades. After that, I will probably have a job doing some type of computer programing.

A picture of Austin
  1. CSC 116
  2. Calculus 2
  3. Chemisty 101
  4. E115

Clubs I am interest in Links to the webpage of each club
Jazz Club A link to the page for all ensembles, once you get there go down and click "Jazz Ensembles and Combos"
Anime Club A link to the anime club