Alisha Renee Hudson's Resume

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I am currently majoring in Biological Engineering with a concentration in Enviornmental at North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is May 2018.

Professional Goals

The reasoning that lead me to choosing my degree path may seem a little cliche. When I was a little girl, I always told my parents that I wanted to "change the world." These words resonate to me everyday. It may seem like a big goal in life, but whether big or small, I plan to accomplish it. After thorough research on current events and taking my passions into consideration, the current state of the environment resonated in my heart. With my love and ability to excel in math and sciences throughout my school career, I knew that finding a way to help the envirornment was my way to "change the world."

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
BAE200 Computer Methods in Biological Engineering Fall, 2016
BAE204 Introduction to Enviornmental and Ecological Engineering Spring, 2017
BAE371 Fundamentals of Hydrology Fall, 2017
BAE315 Properties of Biological Engineering Materials Spring, 2018
BAE472 Irrigation and Drainage Spring, 2018