Hello, I'm Alexander Ribiakost, welcome to my personal website!

Hi, I'm Alexander Ribiakost and I'm a transfer student in my junior year at NC State University. I'm studying civil engineering because I've always been interested in math, physics and other physical sciences that can be applied to build and manage infrastructure. Growing up near New York City, I've been heavily inspired by large-scale projects in construction and transportation.

My dream job would be to work in designing or managing transit systems in a major metropolitan area. I would enjoy using theoretical and practical engineering to solve real-world public transport issues in cities. I'd also prefer to be out in the "field" at transit facilities or locations rather than just sit in an office most of the time.

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List of interesting courses I plan to take at NCSU :

  1. CE 382: Hydraulics
  2. CE 313: Mechanics of Solids
  3. CE 327: Reinforced Concrete
  4. MAE 201: Engineering Theromdynamics
Here are some student clubs I'm interested in.

Club NameClub Website
American Society for Civil Engineers Click to visit website
Save the Manatee Club Click to visit website