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Andrew Richards

My name is Andrew Richards.
I am an Electrical Engineering student at North Carolina State University.
I will be graduating with a Bachelors Degree in December of 2019.
I chose to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering because electronics and electricity fascinate me.
I want to put that fascination into action and contribute to the advancement of technology.
I am particularly interested in microprocessors and embeded systems.

I am currently working in the food industry, but I also have experience in retail and the military.
My goal is to work for a company that is consistently developing new or improved products, and need an electrical engineer to develop the electrical portion of their product.
I enjoy a work environment that continuously pushes me to learn new things and improve efficiency.
I would like to be employed by a company that emphasizes dedication and teamwork to achieve its goals.

Most Interesting Classes:

  1. ECE 109: Fundamental logic design.
  2. ECE 310: Design concepts for complex digital systems.
  3. ECE 306: Introduction to embedded systems.
  4. ECE 404: Introduction to solid state devices.
  5. ECE 484 & 485: Senior design project 1 and 2.

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"9/11 Memorial Event
Planning Committee"
"Reformed University Fellowship" RUF