Welcome to Homework 6

Hey, my name is Anna Jackson. I am a freshman at NC State. I am an aerospace engineer and physics double major. I chose to major in aerospace engineering because I find airplanes interesting. I chose to do these majors because I like math and physics. Also, these fields are challenging, and I enjoy a good challenge.

My favorite hobby is listening to music. I find music relaxing and soothing. It helps me focus on my homework by drowning out the noise of my suitemates. Music also helps me control my emotions. It helps me forget about the things going on, so I can just relax.

Click the image below to open youtube in a new tab.

Here is a link to my resume. link

  1. Look up Pizza Hut's number on your phone.
  2. Call the number.
  3. Tell them you want a cheese pizza with stuff crust.
  4. Drive to Pizza Hut to pick up the pizza.
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
CH 102 100
MA 241 96