Hello and Welcome

A picture of me

Education Background

My name is Aathmika and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University with the intended major of Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology. I am currently in Exploratory Studies and hope to CODA into the College of Sciences by the end of my sophomore year. My intended graduation date is May 2020.

Why Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology?

I chose this major because I thoroughly enjoy learning about and working with people, as well as wonder what actually happens inside the brain. I enjoy biology and math classes and using this knowledge to learn more about the world. I intend to graduate and subsequently hope to work in a lab and do research on the brain, as well as how music affects it.

Special Skills

Name of Class Course Title Semester
Introduction to Bio BIO 181 Freshman Year Second Semester
Chemistry- A Molecular Science CH 101 Freshman Year Second Semester
General Chemistry Lab CH 102 Freshman Year Second Semester