Wolfpack Life!

This is a little bit about my life at NCSU

I am Amanda Mabry, from Fort Bragg, and I came to NCSU because I think it is an amazing school. I am a freshman in Engineering First Year, but after this year I plan to change my major. I chose engineering because I wanted a high paying job so that I could open a non-profit animal shelter, focused on dogs. After spending time in the classes, attending workshops, and doing research, I have realized that engineering is not for me. At the end of next semester I plan to CODA into Animal Science with a concentration in Industry. I will use this degree to enter into the field right away and develop a rapport.

I don't actually have a favorite hobby, but my favorite thing to do is interacting with dogs. I have a dog of my own who I get to play with, train, and love everyday. I go to the dog park to allow my dog to interact with others, as well as myself. I prefer to work in a job that involves dogs, such as a kennel or retail position. I learn a lot dogs and their behavior from these positions. I am also involved in a club called Canine Companions for Independence, which teaches members about canine companions and how they help people.

		Collie Hire me!
  1. Go to the grocery store
  2. Buy a Digornio pizza
  3. Go home
  4. Turn on the oven
  5. Cook the Digornio pizza
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
HESF 104 S
BIO 181 B
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