Hi! My name is Alexander Richard Phelps. I will graduate from NC State in the year 2018. My intended major is Computer Sciences. I chose Computer Sciences as my major because I LOVE working with computers and because my father works with them too. I hope one day I can create software on my own and help build a better, more technical future.
    My favorite hobby is to play video games. I have played games and loved them ever since I was a young boy, and the fascination continues today. I also am interested because I am considering going into the gaming field after college, so playing games is almost like a taste of what I can do once I graduate. I also enjoy games simply because they are fun, challenging, and usually tell a great story. My favorite game of all time is Bioshock Infite, a game where the story makes you laugh, cry, shout, and whisper. Very few things can accomplish this and it's a standing achievement of good story telling.

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How To Make The World's Greatest Sandwich

  1. Lay out two pieces of white bread.
  2. Obtain peanut butter and nutella
  3. Use a knife to spread the peanut butter on one slice of bread and the nutella on the other.
  4. Carefully piece the two halves together and press firmly.
  5. Enjoy!

Classes Chemistry Calulus II Introduction To Computing Environments Bowling Introduction to Engineering
Grades B A A S A

My Favorite Hobby