Me Myself and I
My name is Alex Turner. I am a freshman at NC state. I am currently applied to join the department of Mechanical Engineering. I chose this specific Engineering because my brother was a ME and I was able to hear what all MEs do from him and I liked what I heard. Also my strengths are in math and physcis.

My favorite break from school was winter break. Winter break was my favorite first because it was such a long break after hard work during exam week. Also I had no homework or classes to worry about over the break. Also all of my friends were home and I got to see all of them. To top it off I got to spend New years with all my friends skiing and snowboarding.

March Madness is great. I love March Madness first off cause I like basketball. Basketball is fast paced and action filled. Also there are so many games on all the time you never have to wait very long for the next game. Brings lots of good entertainment and its always fun filling out a bracket.