The Wolfpack is AWESOME!

I'm Alex Ruby and I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering College. I plan on becoming a mechanical engineer. My dad is a mechanical and electrical engineer so I have grown up watching him work on awe inspiring projects. The moment I knew I wanted to become an engineer was when I spent a lot of time with my dad while he was working on the Coke Freestyle machine, not only was it really cool as a 12 year old, but also the actual engineering that went into it was fascinating. I believe mechanical engineering is the best field for me due to the amount of different job types you can get with it.

However vague it may be sports are my favorite hobby. Whether it be watching, playing, or learning about sports it is what I love to do with my spare time. Baseball, football, and basketball are my favorite sports, but I am willing to watch and try any sport out there. Baseball is my sport of choice as I played it for over 10 years and have had an immense passion for it since day one. I'm very excited about having access to 4 years of free sporting event tickets for the team I've been cheering on since birth, the Wolfpack.

    How to order your favorite pizza
  1. Step 1: Get picked up and go home.
  2. Step 2: Call and order a large lasagna pizza from Schiano's.
  3. Step 3: Generously tip the delivery man.
  4. Step 4: Obliterate the pizza.

Class Name Grade
CH101 A-
MA141 A
ARE201 A

Yankees Team Pic