Life is a gift...don't waste it.

Hello, my name is Armando Salazar-Cardoso. I am a freshman at NC State University and will be going into Chemical Engineering. I also plan on double majoring in science education with a concentration in chemistry. The reason that I chose to go into education is because I have always wanted to teach kids, more like high school level, and hopefully impact their lives as some of my past teachers have impacted me. Chemical engineering came up because my parents felt that I needed a better career than being a high school teacher so I decided to stay within the chemistry area.

My favorite vacation was when my family took a trip to Texas. Since my mom's family is from Mexico, my grandmother lived between the US and Mexico. After being here in NC for about a year my grandmother decided they wanted to go back home but wished to visit my uncle in Texas. My dad decided that he would offer to take her to Texas because it could be a good vacation as well give my mom a chance to see her brother. Even though the car ride there was long it was fun. My favorite part was getting the chance to meet so many family members I had never known about.

I think that the method in which the course is taught is the best for the class just because of how the material is presented and what material is presented. I understand how the point system is used and why it is like it is but I feel very overwhelmed with it. I am just anxious because I feel like if I am not going to get to 700 points. The part that really makes me feel somewhat bad is that other students are getting really close to the 700 point mark and I am still pretty far. In a way I feel kind of inferior because I do not understand anything about computers and will have to take the final because of it. Like I mentioned,I do understand why the point system is set up like it is but it does make me feel like everyone else thinks I'm not as smart because I will have to take the final.


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How To Make A Sandwich

  1. Obtain two slices of bread, a banana, peanut butter, and a knife
  2. Toast the bread if wanted
  3. On both slices of bread spread a nice layer of peanut butter using the knife
  4. Using the same knife cut slices of banana onto one slice of bread
  5. Make sure that the layer of banana is even and then place other slice of bread on top
  6. You may cut sandwich in any way desired
  7. EAT IT!
Course Initial Expected Grade
MAT141 S
E115 S
EC205 B
Houstan, Texas