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My name is Arvind Satish. I am a freshmen. My intended major is Aerospace engineering. I have chosen this major mainly because I fine aeroplanes fascinating and I would like to work on designing them. That is the reason for me choosing my major.

My favourite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading all kinds of books but If I had to choose a specific genre that I liked best-It would be fiction. Some of my favourite authors are Jeffery Archer, Orson Scott Card, Dan brown and Roald Dahl. My favourite book is Ender's game. It is a military science fiction novel about a war between humans and an alien race.

Youtube Funny
  1. Slice bread
  2. Cut tomatoes and other veggies
  3. Place 2 slices of cheese on bread
  4. Put the tomatoes and other vegetables on the bread
  5. Eat sandwich
Class Expected Grade
CH101 B
E115 S
FLE101 A