Andrew Bowker E115 HW8

My name is Andrew Bowker and I am currently a Freshman at NCSU majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I chose my major because i have always been good at building things and making them work. I also chose Mechanical because you can branch into many different types of engineering occupations upon graduation with a degree. Not to mention the paychecks should be good as well. I am looking foward to the challeng for the next 4 years.

My favorite halloween costume this year was an inpersonation of the "lone wolf" from The Hangover. He had a thick beard, sunglasses, a beat up white T-shirt, and rolled up kackies. HAHA he was also heavy set so he played the part well. The funniest part about it was that he had a baby in a book that he was wearing over his stomach. The baby was wearing sunglasses and had a nametag that read, "hello, My name is Carlos". I gave the guy a high-five.

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