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Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy all I have to present to you today.

Hello, my name is Austin Davis and I am a freshman. I have chosen to major in civil engineering due to my love of math and physics. I also chose civil engineering because it is a hands on type of engineering rather than a desk job. I love being outdoors and being able to solve problems with my mind and making them applicable with my hands. Engineering has also interest me and I look forward to making a living doing so.

My favorite hobby would be hunting. When I am hunting I can get away from the world and just enjoy nature. I was raised hunting and now it has become a lifestyle. My favorite type of hunting would have to be duck hunting. It is really fast and is over in about forty-five minutes. Although it is my favorite type of hunting, it is miserable getting wet when it is about thirty degrees. I look forward to carrying on this tradition with my relatives and younger generations. Hunting has certainly impacted my life in a postive way.

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  • First you put the two pieces of bread on the plate
  • Next you put peanut butter on one piece
  • Then you place jelly on the other piece
  • Now it is time to place them together
  • Last you enjoy your PB and J
  • Class Expected Grade
    MA 141 B
    ENG 101 A
    HI 237 B