Welcome to Andrew Foreman's Home Page

Hello, my name is Andrew Foreman. I am freshman hoping to CODA into Aerospace Engineering. I've always been interested in space and flying but I think my grandfather's stories about planes and rockets had the most influence on my fascination with the field. There is something to be said for helping the world literally reach new horizons by designing better aero-vehicles. I think I'm more interested in the space aspect of the field, particularly with the possibility of sending humans to other planets in our solar system.

In my free time I enjoy sailing. Most of the time it is relaxing and doesn't require too much effort. Every once in a while, however, a squall blows through and that's when the real fun begins. There's nothing quite like fighting your hardest to keep the boat from flipping in difficult conditions like these. Don't worry though, even if the boat flips it's designed to float like that so there's very little real danger.

The Onion My Résumé

  1. Obtain sliced Turkey, Guacamole, Russian dressing, and Tomato
  2. Toast two pieces of French batard bread
  3. Layer the Turkey, Guac, and Tomato
  4. Add the Russian dressing last
  5. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Intro Fortran A
Physics 205 A+
Calculus III A