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I am currently in the First Year Engineering program at North Carolina State University, with an intent to major in Aerospace Engineering. Currently, I plan to graduate from my degree program in May of 2020.

Reasoning Behind Degree Decision

I chose to pursue a degree in the Aeropsace Engineering program at N.C. State due to my interests in aircraft and the processes and systems that make them work. Also, I have had a deep interest in this area from a very young age, and this program will help me to pursue that interest. By completing my plan and obtaining a degree from this department of the College of Engineering, I hope to learn more about my own skills and interests, as well as my role in the world of Enginnering. I also desire to gain skills that will allow me to design and develop more advanced aircraft, and possibly spacecraft, in the future. With a degree in this area of interest, I will facilitate collaboration to develop systems that are safer and more usable for average everyday humans. With this important knowledge, I will also seek to make travel by aircraft more efficient and more economical. Travel and transportion by aircraft poses great opportunities in the world today, but there are a select number of faults that needed to countered in the current design and operation of flight vehicles today.

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Relevant coursework

Class Course Title Semester
E 102 Engineering in the 21st Century Spring 2017
CSC 113 Introduction to Computing - Matlab Spring 2017
MAE 371 Aerospace Structures I Fall 2018