Avani Shah

Welcome to a page about Avani Shah, a student at NC State University.

Hello! My name is Avani Shah and I am a freshmen at NC State University. My intended major is Computer Science and in the future would like to work in Cyber Security. I became interested in Computer Science initially because my father works in Computer Science. When I was younger I would learn things about Computer Engineering and Computer Science from him, which made me interested in the field.

In the future I hope to work in the Cyber Security industry. My dream job is working for a big company such as Google and moving to Silicon Valley. I am also interested in creating a Cyber Security startup that works with other companies in preventing and detecting hacks. As of now I am looking for an internship within Computer Science to determine if that is what I would like to major in as well as gain more experience in the field.

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My Favourite Classes:

  1. CSC 116
  2. CLA 210
  3. HESS 235
  4. MA 241


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