Welcome to my homework assignment!

My name is Adam Hathaway and I am a freshman at NC State. I am in first year engineering. My intended department of engineering is Aerospace. I have chosen aerospace as my intended major because I have also had a fascination for flight. The idea of sending vehicles into space and through the atmosphere ignites a childlike wonder for me.

My favorite hobby would have to be sports. I have played sports since I was a child. I have a particular interest in baseball and basketball. I played both sports throughout highschool. However, baseball will forever have my whole heart.

NC State Basketball
My Resume!

How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. Toast a bagel
  2. Put mayo on both pieces of bagel
  3. put 2 pieces of bbq turkey lunch meat
  4. Put 2 pieces of colby jack cheese
  5. Enjoy!

  6. Class Expected Grade
    Calculus 2 A-
    Physics 205 B-
    E115 Pass (Pass/fail)
    MATlab B+

    Baseball Hitter