My name is Andrew Shon. I'm a freshman at NC State and my major is Computer Science. I chose this particular major because I've always been interested in technology and its usefulness in everyday life. Also, I'm interested in creating video games, which also entails under Computer Science.

My favorite hobby is playing the guitar. I love music as a whole from rock, pop, and alternative, so to be able to play what I enjoy is fulfilling and fun. Also, I'm able to write music, which is a careful, but fun process.

My Favorite Website
Apple Website

Here's my resume.

How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Sign into your pizza account.
  2. Choose your pizza(s), preferably Hawaiian Pizza.
  3. Pay for your transaction online.
  4. Pay delivery man at least a 15% tip

Class Grade
Ch 101 A-
Eng 101 B
Ma 111 A