Aditya Kollengreth's Resume

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Major, University, Graduation Date

My name is Aditya Kollengreth. I am a sophomore at NC State University studying Economics, Statistics, and Data Analytics. I am on track to graduate in May of 2020.

Why those majors and what are my goals?

To be able to justify my choice of majors, I must first explain my career goals. Once I graduate I hope to get a job as an actuary, a trader, or a quantitative analyst. These careers are heavily related to my majors. Economics provides a soft science approach to decision making rationale at a micro and macro level. Statistics gives me the quantitative skills of evaluating probabilities of events. Data analytics will give me the ability to interpret the data presented to me and make the appropriate decisions.

Skills and Qualities
Course Course Title Semester
EC 301 Intermediate Microeconomics Spring 2017
EC 351 Data Analysis for Economists Fall 2017
EC 451 Introduction to Econometrics Spring 2018