Welcome to Anthony Lewis' Resume

Pic in class

My Future Wolfpack Experience

My intended major is Environmental Engineering. The university I attend and plan on graduating from in North Carolina State Univerisity. I choose this school becausing it has one of the best engineering classes in the state. I intend to get a Master's degree or higher. I anticipate that I will graduate in 2023.

Why I choose Environmental Engineering

During My childhood, I have always enjoyed making new things. I wanted to have a constructive type if job. I wanted something that I know I can be passion about and enjoy doing. I also want to make some changes that can benefit others. Finding new ways to fix the damage done to our planet would be a great way for me to impact the world in a positive way.

Special Skills

Class Course title Semester
Ch 101 Chemistry Molecular Science 2nd
Ma 141 Calculas I 2nd
Ch 102 General Chemistry Lab 2nd