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Hello, my name is Andrew Phillips and I am a freshman at NC State University. I have not decided which type of engineering that I want to pursue quite yet. However, I am thinking about doing Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is interesting to me because it is a very diverse field and I could work in many different places or jobs. The demand for Mechanical Engineers is also high, which means I would be able to find a job easily.

As of right now I am only working during the summer and I am an Outfitter on Bald Head Island. I have to load and unload vacationers' luggage on and off of a ferry and transport them to their homes. Last summer it was a good job as I earned a lot of money in tips. Hopefully next summer will be my last summer there because I want to get an internship in mechanical engineering after that.

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  1. MAE 315
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  3. MAE 308
  4. MAE 435

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