Hello People Of The Inter-Webs

Hello, my name is Andrew Wallace. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University and majoring in engineering. I am leaning towards materials science and engineering for my specific engineering major. I think that major will offer me great flexibility in pursuing my future goals. It involves the use of chemistry and physics, which I both like, to achieve a greater knowledge of the properties of materials present in a given device. The ability to make new materials and or improve upon existing ones is a major aspect of material science and engineering.

I would have to say my favorite hobby is playing video games. I have a PS4 and borought it to college. At the moment, I am glad I did. It allows me to play games with my other friends online who are far away. The games themselves can be very entaining with sometimes deep storylines. Sometimes, it can seem like a movie how certain games are now with how they handle their stories. But most of all, I find them fun to play.

Picture Resume
  1. Get all the ingrediants for a pizza
  2. Put tomato sauce on the pizza dough
  3. Put an assortment of vegetables on the pizza
  4. Put cheese on the pizza
  5. Put in the oven for 30 minutes to bake
  6. Enjoy the food
  7. Class Name Expected Grade
    E115 S
    CH101 A
    E101 A