Adron Barrier-HW Week 10

My name is Adron Barrier and I am a freshman hoping to major in Aerospace Engineering here at NC State. I choose this major because I have always had a passion for flight and the design of aircraft. Thanks to my father, who grew up around airplanes, I shown the excitment of flying and the joy that surrounded the industry. I hope to get an internship this year and begin the process of looking for a career. Hopefully, this internship will give me a good lead into the aerospace industry, hopefully resulting in a job.

By far, my favorite break in school is summer break. Thanks to the extended break and the great weather, this allows for the perfect vacation. The absence of school work also allows for me to enjoy the break without worrying about upcoming assignments. I also enjoy going swimming in the ocean and in my swimming pool. In the summer, I try to get a suntan but sometimes I have to wear sunscreen so I do not get sun burnt. I also enjoy mowing my yard and doing yardwork. One day, I hope to have my own yard and my own lawn mower.

After the recent lost by NC State, I am not enjoying March Madness as much. Although I enjoy filling out my bracket, I tend to always never get it right. I enjoy watching upsets throughout the tournament as well as the underdog coming out in the championship. March Madness is also exciting because it allows for college kids to be part of a sporting event in the national spotlight rather than be unnoticed in smaller confrences. My brother goes to a small school, and he enjoys having his team in the tournament this year.

How to Make the Best Sandwich

  1. Grab some bread
  2. Get some meat
  3. Put meat on bread
  4. Put Honey Mustard On Sandwhich

Grades for Semester

Class Expected Grade
MA241 90
CH101 85
PY205 75