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My name is Andrew Daly and I am a part of NC State University's class of 2021. I am aspiring to be a chemical engineer because I enjoy chemistry and a financially stable career. The work seems difficult, but I am sure I can prevail given enough time and energy.

My first federally-recognized job was working at the North Carolina Nature Museum in the summer of 2016. Because it was an internship, I rotated around several different job categories, from landscaper to curator. It was an enjoyable experience, but the price of gas to go uptown every morning made my pockets a bit lighter than I would have preferred.

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Some of the most interesting classes at NCSU are...

  1. HIS 341
  2. TOX 201
  3. ENG 101
  4. CH 202
NC State also has some quite interesting clubs, including...
Club Site
Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers CATTG
Ski & Snowboard Club SSC