Welcome to my E115 Webpage!

My name is Alan Davila. I am a freshman and intend on majoring in material science and engineering. I chose this major because of my interest in new materials such as graphene.

Some hobbies I have are running, hanging out with my friends, and drinking tea. I participated in cross country all 4 years of highschool. I'd like to continue running here but just on my own.

My dream job is to become a researcher here at NC state. I would like to further research the properties of graphene. Perhaps I'd be able to explore the properties of other two-dimensional materials.

Email Address Written Speech
  1. E115
  2. Chem-101
  3. COM-110
  4. MA-241

Friend Intended Major
Tye Rojanasoonthon Computer Science
Joshua Schmidt Computer Science or Nutritional Science
Eric McAllister Computer Science