Hello, my name is Anna Deak. This is my first year at NC State. I'm studying to become an nuclear enginner.
I chose this major because its relevant with the work experiences I've had with the Navy. I hope to learn the
theoretical aspects of the field.

My favorite hobby is drawing. I currently draw cartoons based off of real people. Each summer tour I drew a
picture of my watch team and gave out copies. It raised the moral of our department. While I enjoy that style
I am open to learning others.

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    How To Make Pizza

  1. 1) Hand toss dough
  2. 2) Add tomato sauce
  3. 3) Add lots of cheese
  4. 4) Bake in the oven, not to burn the cheese
  5. 5) Eat!
Class Grade
CSC 112 A
MA 241 A
PY 205 C