Welcome to My Website!

My name is Alex Greeson, I am currently a freshman at NC State in the First Year College program. I am interested in Engineering, specifically Mechanical or Civil. I have always enjoyed learning about how things work, and how to fix and build. Mechanical Engineering seems especially interesting to me because I love to take things apart and learn what it takes to make them work, and then put them back together. Civil Engineering is cool because I love to build structural things.

My favorite animal is a dog, because dogs are obedient and loyal. Dogs have a positive mood and are energetic. Dogs are man's best friend because they stay by your side when you need them the most. Dogs love to play, and when you have had a bad day they are there for you. I love my dog Lucy, because she is loyal to me.

KTM dirtbikes visit youtube!

how to order pizza

  1. decide where you want to order from
  2. pick a crust
  3. pick your toppings
  4. find the number of the pizza place, and give them a call
  5. tell them what you would like to have
  6. pay with a credit card, or get some cash together for the delivery man
  7. wait for the pizza to arrive! (tip the delivery man)
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
ENG101 A
MA241 B