My name is Arun Kakani. This is the year 2015. My major is Mathematics. This is because I like maths and I am pretty good at it. Alsong with that I also want to do a statistics major.

My favourite hobby is playing badminton. I have started to play badminton ever since the age of 7 and I have been playing it since. I have went to several clubs and played for the clubs in UK. I have also went into several tournaments and won about a half of them and the other half I got the podium. I would like to play the sport in NCState, but it is not a big sport in US.

Youtube Favourite Paper that I have written

  1. Go to the Gumby's Pizza website
  2. Get the number and call it
  3. Wait 45 minutes for the delivery of the pizza
  4. Go out of my dorm and get the Pizza
  5. Eat the Pizza

Class Grade
MA341 A
ST101 A-
E115 S