This is probably the best page you've ever seen because it's about me, narcissists unite!

My name is Adam Lebrecht and I am a current Freshman at North Carolina State Universtiy. Right now I am a first year engineering major with a mechanical engineering intent, and I plan to CODA into the mechanical engineering program after this year. I chose this major because my favorite subjects are physics, calculus, and 3D Modeling, and mechanical engineering is a great mix of all of them.

Right now, I am employed as a guest services worker at my local zoo, everyone's dream job right. Next year on campus, I hope to become an engineering ambassador so I can make some money as well as join a community. My dream job would be in the field of sports engineering, where I would earn a sports sciences minor and help create athletic products with my mechanical engineering degree.

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Classes I am excited about

  1. Intro to Graphics
  2. Statics
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Kinetics

Clubs I want to Join

Organization link
Engineering Ambassadors EA page
NCSU Club Water Polo Water Polo page