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My name is Trey Lineberry. I am currently a freshman at NC State. My major is currently paper science, but I do not like it so I intend to change it to something else. I like biological engineering. I think I would be interested in the topics and possible job opportunities that arise from that degree. All I know as of now is that paper is not my thing.

I have many favorite hobbies that take up my time, and I can't choose a favorite. I like to fish a lot, and that takes up a lot of my time. I like all types of fishing, and am always looking for a new adventure. I want to be the next great of the sport. Another hobby of mine is golf. Golf is fun even though I am not that good at it. If college doesn't work out, my backup plan is to become the next Jordan Spieth. Some people call me the grillmaster because I like to grill a lot.

sportsman Resume
  1. Get in your car
  2. Drive to the nearest little ceasars
  3. Tell somebody you want a pizza
  4. Take it home and enjoy, or if you are really hungry eat it in your car
Course Grade
CH111 B
MA 111 A
ENG101 B
Fishing Trip from July, 2015