Flying Through Hunt Balsa Gliders

My name is Andrew Pointer. I am studying Aerospace Engineering. I chose this as my major because I have always been interested in space, space travel and the unknown. I cannot think of a single major more suited for exploring the unknown.

My favorite hobby is brewing beer. My girlfriend and I picked it up about two years ago. We both have worked as bartenders for the last several years, so an interest in beer comes natural. We have brewed everything from Chocolate Coffee Stouts to Chipotle Porters. The best part about brewing is the drinking phase.


Please click on the link to view my resume.

  • How to order my favorite pizza
    1. Call Michaelangelos Pizza
    2. Ask for the Buffalo Chicken
    3. Wait 30 minutes
    4. Pay
    5. Enjoy

    Course Expected Grade
    MAE 206 B
    MAE 251 B
    E 115 S