This page is all about me.

My name is Asher Spivak, and I am a college freshman. The Major I plan on choosing is either mechanical or electrical engineering.
My goal is to make robots, and I am not entirely sure which of the two is the better option for doing so.
Robots have always fascinated me ever since I was a kid, and that inspired me to want to make them myself. While programming robots is key in order for them to work, my main interest is in the actual designing and building of the machine components.

My favorite hobby is playing videogames. I play and own a wide variety of games, but my favorite ones are strategy games and role playing games.
I like games that make you think, and I like to take things at a slower pace which is why I like strategy games. For similar reasons I like role playing games because they are single player experiences that focus on telling a story, and I like my games to have a good story.
I do play games online with other people including my friends, however I prefer games where the players work together rather than compete head to head. This relates back to the fact that I like games that make me think, because teamwork requires thinking while competitive games are more about skill.

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  1. either buy a premade pizza dough or make one yourself
  2. put tomato sauce of your choice on the dough
  3. place mozzarella cheese onto your pizza
  4. slice up mushrooms and put them onto the pizza
  5. stick the pizza in the oven and let it cook
  6. the pizza is ready to eat

Class Economics Calculus I psychology
expected grade B+ B B

cover art for the strategy videogame Sid Meier's Civilization V