Welcome to my Website!

My name is Andrei Turcanu. I am a Freshman and my intended major is Chemical Engineering. I chose this major simply because i enjoy chemistry. Chemistry is one of the few classes where i always enjoy what we are learning and can follow along pretty easily so i figured making a career out of it would not be a bad idea. I would be doing something that i enjoy while still managing to get paid quite a bit.

My favorite hobby is to read. I have not found many things that compare to the feeling of reading a good book. I have not read much recently since reading for a grade took the enjoyment out of it but i am trying to get back in to it again. Reading has always been my way to escape. If i got bored, i simply picked up a book and went on an adventure without ever leaving my bed.

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How to Order the Best Pizza Ever

  1. Go to Papa John's website
  2. Select what crust you want
  3. Select your toppings
  4. Always get extra cheese
  5. Place your order
Course Name Grade Expected
E115 S
E101 A
CH101 B
Dog Reading