My name is Anthony Young. I am a rising freshman. And I have a Civil Engineering intent. Since I was a little child, I have always wanted to become an engineer. I've always loved building things and I can't wait to take it to the next level.

My favorite hobby has to be going to the gym. It seems to be the only thing I do on my free time and I love it so much. A love that allows me to grind everyday. A love that has allowed me to never miss a day. And on top of all of this has lead to me becoming who I am today. Oh and my girlfriends also pretty great... I guess she's a hobby:)

When it comes to CATS VS. DOGS, dogs are totally the superior creature. First off, if they were ever to fight the dog would totally win. Second off, when it comes to which is more fun to play with, it's the dog. Dogs are just simply the better of the two. An animal that will never turn its back on you. And an animal that can show you the love you show it. Also ANGUS and HANK are my two favorite dogs, so, ha beat that cats.

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How to make a KILLER peanut butter sandwich

  1. Grab 2 slices of bread
  2. Grab the peanut butter
  3. Take your knife and scoop out the peanut butter
  4. Apply it to one slice of the bread
  5. Put both slices together
  6. ENJOY!!!!
  7. Class Grade
    Com 110 A
    English 101 A
    E 115 S

    Gym Picture