My current life, my future dreams, and more.

I am Sumi Vijayakumar and a freshman hoping to major in Mechanical Engineering and Political Science. I have always enjoyed the hands on nature of STEM, which is why I chose Mechanical Engineering. However, I also strongly believe more people with STEM backgrounds should be in government and that is why I want to add the Political Science major.

Currently, my dream job would be working as a government liason for the company SpaceX. SpaceX builds spacecrafts and is also researching a way to put civilization on Mars. I identify with this mission and feel that with a background in engineering and political science I can truly help SpaceX make a difference.

Some Cool Classes
  1. Introduction to Economics
  2. American Politics and Government
  3. Statics
  4. Boxing
Clubs/Organizations Website
Womens Ultimate Frisbee Jaga Get Involved
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Get Involved