Welcome to my really cool homework page

Hello, my name is Andrew Auger. I am currently a freshman at NCSU. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering but I am currently in First Year Engineering. I am interested in this major because I enjoy math and physics and would like to learn more about how they work in everything in our world. I also would like to use my degree and knowledge to develop things to help the world advance.

Time to talk about my favorite hobby, lifting! Lifting weights has been a huge part of my life and a favorite past time of mine for the past eight years. I started out early competing with my family at crossfit in about sixth grade. Eventually I moved to the weight rooms with my brother doing our own workouts with heavier weights. This is my favorite hobby because I can see results from it and can have fun competing with friends

pandora resume, woooo
  1. Lay down and flatten dough
  2. lay down that sauce
  3. sprinkle some cheese on that
  4. put some pepperoni on it and bake it for a while, all done
Class Expected grade
MA 241 A-
PY205 A
PSY 200 B+