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My name is Andrew Burns, I am a freshman in chemical engineering intent.

Hopefully by next semester I will finally be able to say I am in chemical

engineering because I plan on CODA-ing into chemical engineering at the end

of this semester. As a very basic answer, I want to do chemical engineering

because I love math and science, specifically chemistry. But the research

I've done on chemical engineering sounds really interesting to me, so hopefully

I make the right choice. If not, I can always transfer into a different

engineering department.

Definitely my favorite hobby is sports as a whole. I'll watch almost anything,

but football and basketball, either professional or college, are my two favorites.

I wasn't able to play football in high school because my school was too small,

but I did play basketball for a couple years. My favorite sport to actually play

is tennis. I've played tennis ever since I was five or six. I'm on the club team

right now, but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to be on it next semester


ESPN NC State Homepage
    How to make the best ham and cheese sandwich
  1. Get exactly two slices of bread, two slices of cheese and one slice of ham
  2. Toast the bread to a crisp brown
  3. Once the bread is toasted, add a slice of cheese to each slice of bread
  4. Add the ham and combine the two halves together
  5. This sandwich requires the addition of BBQ chips on the side, a great addition
  6. Class Expected Grade
    E115 S
    MA 241 A
    CH 101 A
    <Roger Federer