Greetings, Human

I am Austin, a freshman at NCSU planning to be a computer scientist. I choose to pursue computer science as my
major because I fell in love with it in high school. I enjoy the methodical process of writing and debugging code
and the feeling of accomplishment when I have a working project. I plan to go into video game programming, because
I really enjoy games and hate the thought of having to write printer drivers for the rest of my life. I am currently
working on an idea for a game.

My favourite animal is kind of two animals, and also isn't exactly real. The owlbear, despite its base in fantasy lore,
is still the most majestic animal to not exist. With the head and wings of an owl, but the body and stature of a bear
the owlbear is a ferocious sight to peasants and kings alike. If you are adventuring and hear the distinctive call
of an owlbear remember you needn't outrun the owlbear you only need to outrun the halfling. In no case should you
attempt to ride an owlbear.

My favourite website
This is a link to my #2 favourite website, which is the licence permmiting
me to use the image above as long as I attribute it to it's owner Randall Munroe of xkcd which is linked in the image, and say that I
have not changed the image.

How to make one(1) delicious pizza

  1. Purchase Frozen Pizza
  2. Preheat oven to tempurature on box
  3. Remove pizza from packaging
  4. Place pizza carefully in oven once the temperature is correct
  5. Let pizza cook and cool for the alloted time
  6. You can eat your pizza, or you can throw it on the roof Heisenberg-style.

Table of my classes

Class Grade
Phys 101 B-
Ma 241 B
E 115 Pass

Here is a rendering I made of an owlbear with labels

The ferocious owlbear