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My name is Andrew Mauk, and I am a freshman here at NC State. I have decided to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I came into NC State as a BME intent, but I have since decided that I would prefer to be ECE. One reason for this is that when I went to the Engineering Career Fair, I liked the technology companies better than the medical companies. I also have talked to friends who are upperclassmen ECE majors, and it sounds very interesting to me. That is why I am now an Electrical and Computer Engineer.

My favorite hobby since I have come to NC State is playing soccer with my intramural team. It has been a great way to make a lot of new friends, and meet some upperclassmen, who have talked to me about their majors and helped me to decide on mine. I usually play center back for our team, though I also play in the midfield, when needed. This week, made the playoffs, but lost our first game, so we are now done for the year. I have had a lot of fun playing on this team, so I am somewhat sad to see the season end.

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How to make pizza

  1. Put sauce on the pizza crust
  2. Sprinkle cheese on top of the sauce
  3. Put other toppings on top of the cheese
  4. Bake in the oven and enjoy
Class Grade
CH101 A
MA141 A+
CH102 A+