Picture of Allison Womack


Hello, my name is Allison Womack.I am a sophmore at North Carolina State University. My curent major is Textile Technology. I intend to switch my major to Construstion Engineering. I antipate to graduate in May 2019.

Major Explanation

The reson why I chose Construstion Engineering is because it had a lot of aspects in the career despriction that interested me. There is a lot of planning, scheduleing, working with various groups of people, and the engineering ascpects to the career. I also enjoyed the aspect that in the major you are three creating the product itself and it has a tangable final product. With this major I intend to become a Project Manager at a company that builds buildings for industries.

Class Course Title Semester
Material Science Engineering MSE 200 Spring 2017
Calculus 3 MA 242 Spring 2017
Hydraulics CE 382 Fall 2017