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My name is Artist Plott and I am freshman. I am working towards becoming a Civil Engineer. I like engineering because I love being able to design something. I like being able to create and see my work right there in front of me. It makes me feel like I accomplished more when I have the product in front of me.

My favorite hobbies are playing soccer and running. I enjoy soccer just because it's fun to do more with your feet and get past a defender. I enjoy running because it gives me an opportunity to just relax and run off any stress I have. I get to look at the scenery around me and it's just a relaxing time for me. Those are my favorite hobbies.

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Get two slices of bread.
  2. Take four slices of ham.
  3. Take four slices of turkey.
  4. Put the slices of ham and turkey on one slice of bread.
  5. Take the other slice of bread and put it on top.
  6. You have a fantastic ham and turkey sandwich.

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