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My name is Anthony Poppo and I am a First Year Engineering student. Write now I am in the CODA process and I am looking to go into the dual degree program for electrical and computer engineering. I chose this major because of the E101 project that had everyone investigate new majors. Previously, I was inteding mechanical, but it turned out that the type of thinking I was interested in was in electrical and computer engineering instead. I like to think of things like a rube goldberg device where everything causes something else to happen and after looking further into the majors, I feel that this is where I can continue that path.

My favorite hobby is building and designing Rube Goldberg like devices. In high school I decided to join Science Olympiad and when I heard there was a Rube Goldberg portion I immediately fell in love with it. My favorite part was running it because I could see each piece of the puzzle perfectly play its part in the operation, but if there was one piece not perfect, the whole machine would fail. Unfortunately, I did not win the State competition. This was a combination of poor officiating and ultimately, my own nerves got to me when I had to reset my entire machine after the officials made a poor decision on the first round.

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  1. Get four slices of bread
  2. Fry up some bacon, don't let it get too cripsy
  3. Grab some lettuce in the meantime
  4. Snack on the bacon while you cook it
  5. Toast the four slices of bread (lightly)
  6. Grab some Tomatoes
  7. Put one piece of toast down with bacon, lettuce, and tomatoe, and the other bread slice on top
  8. Repeat the previous step with more lettuce, tomatoe, and the remaining slices
  9. Now give me one sandwich.
  10. Now let's enjoy some BLT's
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
ECE200 A
ECE109 B
RubeGoldberg not found